iF YOU PULL NORTH - a documentary about Rafi Mokady
אם תמשוך צפונה - הסרט
אם תמשוך צפונה - הסרט
אם תמשוך צפונה - הסרט
אם תמשוך צפונה - הסרט
אם תמשוך צפונה - עברית
a sunrise on the Golan Heights
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iF YOU PULL NORTH - About The Film
iF YOU PULL NORTH - About The Film
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The Making of the Film

The film was created by Rafi Mokady’s daughter and granddaughter:

When we set out to make the film, we simply wanted to tell the story of a vigorous and gifted person, a promising scientist, a family man and devoted commander in military reserves, whose life ended after he was wounded during the Six Day War, in the breakthrough battle of the Golan Heights.

During the research for the film we discovered Rafi’s battle story is different than the story we knew, different than the story that’s commonly known. We discovered an unfathomable story about a commander who had been left behind, wounded. We were especially shocked by the contrast we found between Rafi’s total dedication in battle and the Brigade’s poor attempts on his behalf, in the days that followed. We realized the film we must create is unlike the one we had planned.

TheMakingOfiFYOUPULLNORTHThe process of making the film took 4 years. It was fraught with profound ethical dilemmas that required tough decisions. Ultimately, our goal was to bring Rafi’s true story to light, without hurting other people or their families.

We hope the film will have the power to do well deserved historic justice and assimilate in public awareness Rafi’s true story. A fundamental story about loyalty between friends, which undergoes the ultimate test.

More About the Film

Creators & Participants

Directors, Producers; Research, Photography & Editing

Orna Mokady Shavitt, Yael Shavitt

Original Score

Hana Ajiashvili

8mm Photography & Family Recordings

Rafi Mokady


Aviezer Yaari, Ehud Kopeliovitch, Eliezer Pugatch, Alex Shchori, Dov Dvir, David Karmeli, Dan Zaslavsky, Zeev Hittin, Yosef Almasi, Israela Ravina, Mario Krinski, Uzi Kafkafi, Ezra Shabi, Zvi Kessler, Ruth Wolff, Shoshana Mokady

Sound Studio (music): Studio Victor Libersky

Sound Mix: Bill Lacey

English Translation: Tammy King